For Immediate Release

February 21 2002

Recosoft Corporation announces the Beta Trial version of VINC 1.0, the
Integrated Document Viewer and Converter application for the Mac OS and Mac

Recosoft Corporation of Osaka, Japan, today announces the availability of a
Beta Trial version of VINC 1.0, the revolutionary integrated document
viewing and converter application.

VINC provides rapid viewing and conversion of files created in word
processing and graphics software. VINC solves common document exchange
problems encountered as a result of cross platform environments, Intranets,
and the Internet. Users can quickly view the text of word processing
documents and image of graphics files without possessing or using the
original application it was created in!

VINC performs extremely accurate data conversion between different word
processing document types, graphics files, and e-mail attachments. The
files could have been created in any of the many Macintosh and Windows word
processing software. VINC retains document formatting attributes including
styles, paragraph indentation, headers, footers, sections, tables, and even
embedded graphics! Additionally, VINC provides support for Japanese
language word processing files.

VINC’s powerful batch conversion facility converts all files in a folder by
simply targeting the folder!

VINC is the ideal solution and companion in the following environments –

* Corporations with multitudes of files – VINC offers an easy way to convert
to a standardized format

* Publishing word processing files to the Web – VINC can convert multiple
different word processing files to HTML at once.

* Cross platform environments – VINC reads and writes standard Windows

* Users who receive different file formats regularly – There is no need to
acquire all of the original applications. Just use VINC for your needs.

Downloading VINC
A Beta trial version of the software can be downloaded from –


VINC’s Features

* Quickly view the text and the layout of documents created in word
processing applications not available on your computer

* Convert document files from one file format to another

* Retain the layout, attributes, tables and characteristics of the converted

* Convert Macintosh files to Windows files or vice versa

* Supports over 60 Macintosh and Windows word processing and graphics file

* Supports popular file types such as MSWord, RTF, AppleWorks, and RecoWrite

* Supports Japanese language word processing files

* Dragndrop to convert files

* Batch convert multiple files

* View and convert Windows document files

* View and convert graphic files

* Navigate through all available volumes and folders from within VINC

* Bookmark files so that you can refer to them later without looking for them

* Print documents from within VINC

* Automatically creates a log of all files converted

* Simple all-in-one interface

* Display file information

* Preset Source and Destination folders for conversions

* Preset rules for automatic conversion

* Very light and fast. Can keep VINC launched all the time.

System Requirements For Mac OS
Minimum: PowerMacintosh computer equipped with at least a 180Mhz
processor (recommended G3)
OS: System 7.6.1 and higher (recommended 8.5), Appearance 1.0.3, TEC
QuickTime 3.0 or higher

For Japanese language files, Japanese Language Kit with System 8.5 or
higher is required. Web browser required for Layout Preview

System Requirements For Mac OS X
OS: Mac OS X 10.1 and higher

VINC is slated to ship world wide mid March 2002.

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