Atomik 3.0 Launched at Seybold New York

Automated and comprehensive QuarkXPress-to-XML

SEYBOLD SEMINARS, NEW YORK – February 21, 2002 – Easypress Technologies
today announced the release of Atomik 3.0, the latest version of its
leading QuarkXPress-to-XML software. Atomik 3.0 adds a range of new
features that facilitate fast, efficient and intelligent cross-media
publishing. For the first time, Atomik 3.0 is also available as a developer
edition (see today’s separate announcement).

“The issue of moving content out of QuarkXPress and into a media-neutral
format continues to grow in importance as publishers attempt to move to
cross-media workflows,” said Nick Reed, director of product strategy at
Easypress Technologies. “Atomik 3.0 is a must have for any publisher either
reusing or aspiring to reuse QuarkXPress print content on the Web or in
other media.”

Industry Recognition
Atomik 3.0 is already receiving recognition from prominent names within the
international publishing community including being selected as a Hot Pick
at this week’s Seybold Seminars in New York.

“Publishers with print-centric workflows are looking for professional tools
that help pry XML-tagged files from their QuarkXPress pages. Atomik 3.0
represents an automated and flexible approach to solving this problem, with
products for both end users and developers,” said Mark Walter, senior
editor and analyst, Seybold Publications.

Character-level content Extraction
The centrepiece of the new version of Atomik is it’s handling of
character-level content in QuarkXPress. Whereas previous versions
identified and extracted content into XML at a paragraph level, Atomik 3.0
now enables content to be identified at both a paragraph and character
level. Character-level content, such as an email address, telephone number
or person’s name within a paragraph, can easily be extracted into separate
XML tags. Atomik 3.0 achieves this with the same flexibility that has made
previous versions of Atomik such a success. Users can create
character-level extraction rules that can be based on QuarkXPress character
style sheets or just on the text’s typographical properties such as font
type, size and colour. This flexible approach is designed to reflect the
way that designers use QuarkXPress and therefore minimise the impact on
existing print workflows.

“One of the key influencing factors in the value of content is its
granularity,” said Gavin Drake, Easypress Technologies marketing manager.
“The more you can identify and manipulate specific content within your XML,
the more value it has to the content owner and to prospective buyers of
that content. By enabling users to tag content at a character level, Atomik
3.0 can add significantly to the value of content extracted from

Greater control
Another significant development in the new version of Atomik is greater
user control over how Atomik extracts content from QuarkXPress. For example
users can now specify percentage tolerance levels to signify to Atomik what
constitutes inline content. Users can also choose between three different
types of content matching including style only; style and attributes; and
attributes only. This flexibility enables users to decide the workflow that
performs best for them and their publications. Other useful control
features include 1-click filtering of style sheets and XML elements,
control over ruleset locations and the option of extracting all content
from textboxes, even if the text over-runs.

Error Handling
Atomik 3.0 includes error handling through the new automated content
reports. Users can specify what type of content, if not extracted
automatically from QuarkXPress, should be considered a user error. For
example, if text is styled and included in the ruleset but is not
extracted. This content is automatically exported to a content proofing
file, enabling users to quickly flag any potential problems.

Pricing and availability
Atomik 3.0 is available direct from Easypress Technologies and Atomik
resellers and system integrators worldwide. To locate your nearest Atomik
reseller or system integrator, please visit and see the
Atomik “How to Buy” section. The suggested retail price for Atomik 3.0 is
=A34,995, $6,995 or 8,092 Euro depending on the country of purchase.
Multi-user pricing is also available.

Easypress Technologies is still adding overseas resellers and system
integrators for Atomik. Companies interested in exploring reseller
opportunities should contact Gavin Drake on +44 (0)20 7704 0285 or by email

About Easypress Technologies
Easypress Technologies ( develops easy-to-use, Web-based
tools that empower publishers to create, manage and publish content online
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