July 17, 2001


Bellevue, WA–July 17, 2001–Blue World Communications, Inc.–pioneers of
the Web Data Engine(tm)–today announced industry support for its recently
announced Lasso 5 product line. Lasso 5 products will be tightly integrated
with a number of leading operating system, database, Web server and Web
authoring products.

“”””””””In the Internet software business it is critically important to
interoperate well with many best-of-breed products,”””””””” said Bill Doerrfeld,
CEO of Blue World. “”””””””The Lasso 5 product line will provide the hub which
interconnects many leading database, Web server and Web authoring products
with unique ease, power and control.””””””””

Operating System Support

Lasso Professional 5 will support Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, Windows 2000
and Red Hat Linux. Lasso Studio 5 will support operating systems supported
by Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver including Mac OS 9 and Windows

“”””””””Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server are unsurpassed in power, stability and
ease-of-use,”””””””” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide
Developer Relations. “”””””””Blue World and Lasso products have distinguished
themselves in the Mac community and we are delighted to see their support
for the Mac platform with Lasso Professional 5.””””””””

Database Support

Lasso 5 products provide built-in support for MySQL and FileMaker Pro
databases. In addition, several third parties plan to release free Lasso
data source connectors which provide direct, high-performance connectivity
between Lasso Professional 5 and their databases.

“”””””””FileMaker, Inc. is pleased to see Blue World provide advanced support for
FileMaker Pro in Lasso Professional 5,”””””””” said Chris Trytten, director of
product management at FileMaker, Inc. “”””””””Lasso products are a perfect
complement to FileMaker products and together offer a great solution for
quickly building data-driven Web sites.””””””””

“”””””””We’re delighted to partner with Blue World to bring our widely used MySQL
database to Lasso customers,”””””””” said Erik Granstrom, VP of Marketing at MySQL
AB. “”””””””With MySQL at the heart of a well-regarded, easy-to-use Web
application server such as Lasso, Web developers have a superb total
solution for quickly and easily delivering data-driven Web sites.””””””””

“”””””””4D, Inc. is committed to delivering a Lasso connector for 4D Server
offering the performance and durability customers have come to expect from
4D, Inc. and Blue World,”””””””” said Brendan Coveney, CEO of 4D, Inc. “”””””””We’re
excited with the possibilities offered in Blue World’s Lasso 5 product line
and encourage Web developers to discover how the Lasso 5 and 4D combination
can ease the process of building robust database-driven Web solutions.””””””””

“”””””””FrontBase is pleased to announce a forthcoming Lasso Connector for
FrontBase providing tight integration between Lasso Professional 5 and
FrontBase, our industrial-strength SQL database server,”””””””” said Geert B.
Clemmensen, CEO of FrontBase, Inc. “”””””””The new extensibility features in Lasso
Professional 5 make it possible for us to build and maintain robust
connectivity between Lasso and FrontBase.””””””””

“”””””””We’re delighted to announce support for Lasso Professional 5 via our
forthcoming Lasso Connector for PrimeBase,”””””””” said Ulrich Zimmer, CEO of
PrimeBase. “”””””””Web developers will be able to easily connect Lasso to
PrimeBase Server, our high-performance cross platform SQL database server.””””””””

Web Server Support

Lasso Professional 5 will provide built-in support for Apache on Mac OS X
and Red Hat Linux, IIS on Windows 2000, and WebSTAR V on Mac OS X. Vendors
may use Lasso Connector Protocol to connect any other Web server to Lasso
Professional 5.

“”””””””Lasso has long been the leading Web Data Engine for WebSTAR Server Suite,””””””””
said Brendan Coveney, CEO of 4D, Inc. “”””””””We’re very pleased to see Blue World
support WebSTAR V in its forthcoming Lasso Professional 5 providing WebSTAR
users a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for serving data-driven Web

Web Authoring Support

Lasso Studio 5 will offer a complete Web application development
environment within leading Web site editing programs including support for
Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev.
Third party offerings–including Lasso 5 Glossary for BBEdit from Kuwago
Web Services and LDML 5 Plug-in for BBEdit 6.1 from SuiteSync–will extend
Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit providing support for LDML 5, the programming
language used in the Lasso 5 product line.

“”””””””Lasso Studio for Adobe GoLive provides a simple yet powerful environment
for building data-driven Web sites,”””””””” said Michael Hopwood, senior director
of internet products management for Adobe Systems, Inc. “”””””””We’re thrilled
that Blue World plans to deliver a significant upgrade to Lasso Studio for
Adobe GoLive with Lasso Studio 5.””””””””

“”””””””The open architecture of Macromedia Dreamweaver platform enables software
developers to easily integrate with their solutions such as Lasso Studio,””””””””
said Tony Campitelli, vice president of product marketing, Macromedia.
“”””””””Blue World and Macromedia have a long-standing relationship to ensure
developers have access to Lasso Studio 5’s features from within Macromedia
Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver UltraDev.””””””””

“”””””””We congratulate Blue World on their new release, and we’re pleased to see
third-party support for Lasso Professional 5 in BBEdit 6, our award-winning
HTML and text editor,”””””””” said Rich Siegel, the founder, president, and CEO of
Bare Bones Software. “”””””””Thousands of Web developers build Lasso-driven sites
using BBEdit, and with these new tools, they can be more productive than
ever before.””””””””

About the Lasso 5 Product Line

The Lasso 5 product line represents powerful Web application server
technology designed to meet the high-end needs of advanced Web developers
along with the ease-of-use and productivity needs of professional Web
designers enabling Web professionals to quickly build and serve powerful
data-driven Web sites. The Lasso 5 product line will include Lasso
Professional 5 and Lasso Studio 5. Additional information is available at

About Blue World

Blue World Communications ( delivers cross-platform
software tools allowing Web developers and designers to quickly build and
serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Blue World provides Lasso Web Data
Engine, Lasso Studio and Blue World ListSearch service in fulfillment of
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