I would like to announce that a first beta version of wxDesigner is
available for MacOS 8/9 – next to the already available variants for
Windows, Linux, IRIX, Solaris and FreeBSD.

wxDesigner is a commercial RAD tool for wxWindows, which is a free C++ GUI
library available for most operating systems. wxWindows ships with very
popular language bindings for Perl and Python – wxPython is about to
replace TkInter as the standard GUI for Python.

The Unix and Windows variants of wxWindows have been in production use for
a long time already, but the MacOS port has not been up to serious tasks
until very recently. Named MacOS port is still under heavy development, but
it is already fully carbonized and now runs perfectly under MacOS 8/9 and
well under MacOS X.

For more information about wxWindows, see


For more information about wxDesigner, including
a trial version for every supported platform, see



Robert Roebling

Robert Roebling, MD (robert@roebling.de)