InterMapper 3.0.4 is now available. InterMapper is a network monitoring and
alerting application that will create a graphical map of a network, then
monitor the network equipment (routers, switches, hubs, LAN and WAN
circuits, etc) and the servers (web, mail, ftp, QuickTime, etc)
continually. If InterMapper detects a problem, it will notify the network
manager via audible alerts, e-mail, pager, or by running an AppleScript.
InterMapper also has a built-in web server so that network managers can
view the health of their network remotely using a standard web browser.

This 3.0.4 release fixes several bugs, notably a problem with the web
server halting and a workaround for a problem with the 9.0 verison of
OpenTransport SNMP code.

A 14-day demonstration version of InterMapper 3.0.4 can be downloaded from:

For more information about InterMapper, please visit our web site:

About Dartware, LLC

Dartware was founded in April 2000 to continue development and marketing of
the InterMapper program originally developed at Dartmouth College. Dartware
also sells MacPing and SNMP Watcher network monitoring and troubleshooting
programs. For more information about these products, check the Dartware web
site at