SoundSaVR 2.0 Boasts New Preview Mode and Support for Spherical QTVR Among
its Feature Enhancements

Squamish, BC, Canada – Squamish Media Group Inc., has released a major
upgrade to their popular wired sprite tool which allows the embedding of
directional stereo sound in QuickTime VR panoramas. SoundSaVR 2.0 has
several new features that distinguish it from earlier versions, including a
full preview mode that provides instant feedback and adjustment of sound
placement, volume, angle, and other parameters on a node by node basis.

SoundSaVR 2.0 supports the new QuickTime 4 features such as MP3 audio and
RTSP streams, as well as all sound file formats supported in QT 3 and 4.
And in addition to supporting high FOV panoramas to accommodate future
versions of QuickTime, SoundSaVR 2.0 now supports the new QuickTime VR file
format announced at the Apple WorldWide Developer Conference, which
provides support for cubic 360 x 360 degree panoramas

“The coolness of spherical panos with directional sound will provide QTVR
with a huge competitive advantage” says Doug DeRusha, CEO of Squamish Media
Group. “When you put these kinds of tools in the hands of creative people,
some amazing things happen.”

SoundSaVR 2.0 lets you easily assign multiple sounds to each node, set the
direction and volume of each sound individually, or make the sound ambient
on selected nodes. Each node can be optionally set to auto play and sounds
can be continuously looped, or looped with random length delays. You can
now adjust the vertical sound fall off for more flexibility , and there are
no longer any tile requirements.

SoundSaVR 2.0 is priced at $199.00, and is available free of charge to all
registered soundsaVR owners. Discounts are available to authorized
educational institutions and teachers. More information on SoundSaVR 2.0
and our other QTVR enhancement tools can be found on the Squamish Media
Group web site at

Product Features

Supports single node and multinode QTVR panorama movies
Preview mode
Vertical sound fall off
No tile requirements
Supports new QT4 features: MP3 audio, and RTSP streams.
Provides multiple ambient and directional sounds for each node
Cross platform QuickTime output (QT4.1.2 recommended, no other plug-ins
Hours of independent sound looping with no increased file size
Continuous or random length delay sound looping
Optional automatic sound play for each node
Sound direction (pan & tilt) angle indicators
Front and rear directional volume controls
Simple, easy to use interface