Canto Software has announced the availability of an update to the Cumulus product line that includes feature additions to Cumulus Sites, the company’s browser-based Wweb publishing and file sharing tool, released in March.

New to Cumulus Sites is an option that sends email links that enable users to download requested files at later times so they can close browser windows without having to wait for large-file downloads to complete. File sharing via Sites has also been improved.

Collection links can now be viewed, edited and reused, so users can see which settings were used, and more quickly re-share files. Embargo dates can ensure shared files are not available until specified times, and new social media sharing options make it easy to post files to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and 12 other social networks.

Flash movies and MP3 files can now be streamed from within Sites, and PDF files can be previewed at full resolution without additional plug-ins or software. An in-browser slideshow feature has been added too.

New Sites interface design flexibility means administrators can disable the filters and category views, show files as lists, choose mouse-click behavior, show file info as tooltips, and
more. New to the Cumulus Native Client is an option that enables users to create and email collection links — a feature previously available only in Sites. This enables users to take advantage of Sites’ file sharing while working inside the Native Client.

Support for InDesign CS5 has been added so that Cumulus systems that include InDesign Extended Pack functionality can now parse InDesign files without the need for “tag” files. In addition, referenced images and extracted document text are now associated inside Cumulus with the layout page on which they appear.

Cumulus 8.1.2 is available free of charge to customers on maintenance contracts, and is recommended for all customers. Updates can be downloaded from the Canto Customer Portal: .