Objective Software is pleased to announce a new major version of the
ultimate screensaver for Macintosh and Power Macintosh – StartThing Pro II –

StartThing Pro 2.0 is very easy to use and powerful. This special “Pro”
version of StartThing can be bundled with (in fact “embedded within”) the
animations you sell to your customers. It is compatible with Director,
Flash and other projectors and can be used from System 7.5 to Mac OS 9.

With the StartThing Pro II Application (full version), you will be able to:
* generate a customized control panel to only launch a single
animation: the one you have designed,
* provide this control panel to your customers, bundled with the
animation you have designed for them,
* customize the control panel to display the logo of your company,
* install the control panel on all computers of your customer.

StartThing Pro II is very simple and easy to set up (see our web for a demo
version, attention the demo AND ONLY THE DEMO is not compatible with MacOS
9, This is one of the limitation of the demo version).

Provide the control panel genarated by StartThing Pro II Application to
your customers to play the animation you sell them, use it to display your
animated logo as a screensaver on all computers of your company…
StartThing Pro II is the medium you need for your animation projectors.

What’s more, a StartThing Pro “Site license” costs only $100. This license
lets you distribute as many as 6 billion copies of your screensaver. Beyond
this number, you must get another site license – for inhabitants of some
other planet, probably… 😉

You can buy your StartThing site license directly on the Web, at the
following address: http://order.kagi.com/?HL&S Don’t forget to provide a
valid email address to receive the full version of StartThing Pro II.

*** The update is free for registered users of Site License of StartThing
1.X. ***

* Version 2.0 (99/12/01)

Support: mailto:objectivesw@kagi.com
Author: Harry Alloul
Price: $100 (shareware, see docs for more info)
Register: http://order.kagi.com/?HL&S
Info: http://www.objectivesw.com

Have Fun!