When asked by the Evans Data Corp. (http://www.evansdata.com) — which conducts market research, market intelligence, and strategic planning in the software development industry — to rank the capabilities that carriers offer to developers, those in North America ranked AT&T better than all competitors in four essential areas. AT&T was ranked best in Mobile Application Distribution by 37% — almost twice as many Sprint, which was rated second in that category.

Twenty-six percent chose AT&T as having the best Tool Offerings — almost a quarter more than T-Mobile, the next choice. AT&T also edged out Verizon as the carrier with the best Supported Technologies and the best Market Potential. When all four categories were combined, AT&T was selected as tops by almost twice as many developers than the next closest competitor, Verizon.

The Mobile Development survey is conducted twice a year and focuses on mobile development on a worldwide basis. It includes such as topics as platforms, APIs [application programming interfaces], app stores and application distribution, and other mobile development topics. Other highlights from this annual survey include:

° Seventy-three percent of mobile developers plan to extend enterprise apps to mobile devices in the next 12 months.

° -Java is the most targeted platform with 62% currently creating mobile Java apps — more than iPhone, Android, or any other platform.

° Seventy-six percent are concerned about government interference in the mobile market, and 32% are very concerned.