HazelMail has released a self-titled app for the iPhone and iPod
touch that turns photos taken on an iPhone into personalized
postcards — and then prints, stamps, and mails them for you. It’s
free and comes with a credit for one free postcard.

HazelMail also launched a feature that allows users to pre-purchase a
dozen postcards for US$12 (vs. $1.50 per individual postcard). In
addition, a personal address book feature enables travelers to access
the addresses of friends and family no matter where they are in the
world, says HazelMail founder Michael Lato. He says that HazelMail
utilizes a global network of printers based in North America, South
America, Europe and Asia which print and deliver postcards from the
location closest to the recipient.

HazelMail is currently available in six languages: English, French,
German, Italian, Portugese and Spanish. To download the app and start
sending postcards from your iPhone, go to

Launched in fall 2008, HazelMail also operates a web-based service at
http://www.hazelmail.com/, where users can upload photos and turn
them into personalized postcards straight from the site.