Tri-Edre has released a public beta of GrandReporter
( for Mac OS X
10.5 (“Leopard”). It lets you automatize the searches over the
Internet. You create queries in GrandReporter for all the subjects
that you’re interested in.

GrandReporter will periodically and automatically check the web for
you. It surveys the web for you in background, and you’re warned as
soon as a new page is referenced on the Internet for one of the
subjects you are surveying.

GrandReporter distinguishes new pages (to immediately see what is new
on each subject), and can display preview of the pages in its
build-in browser. You can store, quote and classify the interesting
pages to retrieve them later. GrandReporter provides tools to handle
the pages (bookmarks, smart lists, and groups) and to share them with
by e-mail other users.

Available to anyone, the current beta will expire on June 30. This is
a fully functional version, widely tested, and without known issues.
Quick start help is available within the software. The users guide is
not yet available, but will be soon. However, beta software is
unfinished software, so use with caution.

GrandReporter will be released at the end of July. It will cost US$29
for a single-user license.