I just released Mac F2C v1.4.3.

Mac F2C is a freeware Fortran-to-C translator for the Macintosh.

Mac F2C v1.4.3 is compatible with CodeWarrior Pro 5. The older v1.4.2 is
compatible with CodeWarrior Pro 2 through 4.

Version 1.4.3, released 20 Sep 99, is a minor upgrade to make Mac F2C fully
compatible with CodeWarrior Pro 5. Version 1.4.3 also enables you build
Win32 executables (the Win32 support comes courtesy of Gareth Swarbrick of
Oxford University).

You can get the latest version of Mac F2C at the Mac F2C web site:

Please note that v1.4.3 does not support older versions of CodeWarrior.
However, the older v1.4.2 supports CodeWarrior Pro releases 2 through 4 and
is also available at the above site.

To long-time Mac F2C users: my apologies in taking so long to get this
release out. My only excuse is that I have been *really* busy 😉
Igor Mikolic-Torreira