Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Black Mana Studios has introduced Home 3D, an US$4.99 app for the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to create blueprints, decorate your home, and take a 3D virtual tour inside it.

COPS: High Speed Pursuit , an app from Hands-On Mobile has raced onto the iPhone and IPod touch. Based on the TV show, the $3.99 game allows players to take control of the wheel while trying to catch criminals through car chases and dangerous takedowns.

Future Help Designs has announced BlinkWit! 1.0, an $1.99 game for iPhone and iPod touch users. It’s a collection of little games that test the player’s memory. Players are challenged to recall and repeat the sequence of flashing game pieces. BlinkWit! players can choose from three game environments.

Apps Made Simple has unveiled QuickShot! 1.0 for the iPhone, a $0.99 app that combines the camera and e-mail capabilities of the device together in one package. It’s a tool for capturing info from billboards, street signs, vehicles, advertisements, storefronts, whiteboards and more. When the e-mail arrives in their inbox, not only do users see the picture captured from their iPhone, they’re reminded to follow-up on its contents.

Integrated Media Management has unveiled the TotaleAtlas app for the iPad. TotaleAtlas is the company’s document preparation engine. The new, free app will give users a more portable way to complete, review and sign loan documents.

Saladworks, a fresh-tossed salad franchise concept, has introduced its iPhone app at allows users to locate a Saladworks and create and place an order for pick up or delivery. This is the first iPhone application created by the franchise and is available for free.

Demansol has released Guess: Cars, Movies, Flag, Celebs, Places 1.1, a free memory game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The objective is to guess the picture hidden behind the envelopes. This game has more than 1,200 images to guess, which includes categories like famous Movies, Celebrities, Cars, Flags and Places.

Nannek has announced PicoScrum 1.3, an update of their task management app for the iPhone and iPod touch. It helps users break down projects into short-term intervals called Sprints. Rather than setting arbitrary due dates for each task, PicoScrum lets users discover realistic end-dates for their projects. Armed with this info, users are able to adjust their schedules and prioritize their tasks in whatever ways are necessary to reach their goals.

Are You Game has introduced Old McDonald’s Farm 1.0.1, an update of the $0.99 children’s educational app for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It’s a musical, farm-themed educational rhyme designed for kids ages one and up. Children can listen and play along as Old MacDonald describes his farm.

Multiplied Media Corp. has unveiled an update to its free, all-in-one local search application Poynt, now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The update includes changes to the appearance of the app as well as to the way the app interacts with the iPhone.

Headnix has rolled out Numbric 1.1, a new version of its $1.99, wireless number pad app on the Phone and iPod touch. Numbric turns your iPhone into a wireless number pad and offers a near full-width number pad that connects wirelessly to your Mac. The user interface of Numbric is made specially in landscape layout to allow wider keys and more finger space.