Talacia Software Releases Site Soap for Mac OS X

Leeds, United Kingdom (July 25, 2005) — Talacia Software has announced the
immediate availability of a new software product called Site Soap. Site
Soap allows users to optimize web pages, style sheets, and image files with
true Mac style and supreme efficiency.

About Site Soap:
Site Soap allows anyone to quickly and easily optimize their entire
website, whether it is an image, a web page or even a style sheet, without
losing any quality; so what does this mean? It means that pages will load
faster (non-broadband users will thank you), your site will use less
bandwidth and your code will be more readable and compliant.

Site Soap can be purchased for $12.95 at the Talacia Software website. A
shareware version can also be downloaded, free of charge.

For more information, visit:
Talacia Software – http://www.talacia.com
Site Soap – http://www.talacia.com/products/sitesoap/index.html