Vicomsoft’s DHCP/DNS Integration Offers Unrivalled Flexibility in
Network Administration

The newly released version 6 of Vicomsoft’s popular Internet sharing
software, Internet Gateway and SoftRouter, feature both a DHCP server
and a Local DNS server. The DHCP server automatically configures
TCP/IP settings for all of the computers on the network, dramatically
reducing the amount of administration required. The local DNS server
resolves local host names to IP addresses, making it possible to use
easy to remember names rather than numbers to locate personal web
servers and other shared resources on the LAN.

The Internet Gateway and SoftRouter integrate the DHCP and DNS
servers seamlessly, making it possible to resolve local host names to
IP addresses even when they are dynamically assigned via DHCP. With
separate DHCP and DNS server products this would not be possible. The
Internet Gateway and SoftRouter however, allow computers to be moved,
renamed or have new addresses assigned with no effect on network
configuration. Both DHCP and DNS servers can be fully utilised on the
same LAN, a major advantage for any network administrator.

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