MacSeek Xchange Becomes MacPromote Xchange

WWB and MacSeek Xchange team up to create MacPromote Xchange

What’s it all about? It’s a banner exchange, and it’s one more way World
Without Borders is serving the Mac community.

It’s a great way for websites dedicated to the Macintosh to swap banners
with other Mac web sites.

It’s simple. you display a banner exchange member’s banner on your website,
and they’ll display yours on their website. It’s a 1:1 ratio. Every time
you display a banner, you get your banner displayed somewhere.

Since it’s start, in December 1997, the banner exchange is
100 members strong, swapping over 6700 banners every day.

Participating websites can have up to three different banners, and the
banners can be changed immediately. – there’s no waiting for webmasters to
approve your new banner.

At least one former #1 site on ‘the other’ Mac banner exchange has joined
MacPromote, as have some other “Top 10” sites. We invite you to visit to see who’s
joined so far

There’s no need to no abandon any other banner exchange to join’s banner exchange. For more information, visit:

Ramseeker is still available at Jim Fitzsimmons and continue to track ram prices so you don’t have to.

For more information contact the World Without Borders community at: