The Macintosh & PowerPC Programmers Forum on the Delphi online service has
just reopened after a complete overhaul. It provides a web site with some
news, but more importantly, MacProg provides moderated message boards and
conference rooms for serious (and sometimes not-so-serious) Macintosh
programming discussions.

“Moderated” means that although all messages are posted immediately, there
is staff available to help guide discussions to ensure that they remain
more or less relevant to Macintosh and PowerPC programming (unlike some
places, where message fascists edit every message before it gets posted).

The staff is also available to help answer your questions, and includes
professional Mac programmers, technical writers, and a couple of hobbyists
as well.

The Macintosh & PowerPC Programmers Forum’s web site is located at
( MacProg is an official Delphi forum,
operated under contract by Syndicomm, Inc.

Access to MacProg is free-of-charge, and provides a safe, comfortable place
to debate whether or not you should be implementing that blitter in
assembly instead of calling CopyBits, or how to get that C++ class doing
exactly what you want.

For more information about MacProg, visit MacProg’s web site at
( or email