Tension Software has updated AutoMailer, an application for Mac OS X that allows you to merge data from a database with email templates and send to multiple addresses  in text or web format. You can now import addresses and any kind of data from any database able to export in text format: both CSV (comma separated value) and TSV (Tab separated value)

AutoEmailer allows you to send an unlimited quantity of emails with a single click,  with a personalized contents depending of each recipient. Emails sent by AutoEmailer look like standard emails. The difference is that any recipient can receive a different email personalized with his own data (merged from the internal database table) even if you prepare and send thousands of them  with a single operation.

AutoEmailer requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher and costs US$25. It’s available at the Mac App Store and at the Tension Software web site (www.tensionsoftware.com).