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Aladdin1s Installer Gets New Tasks and
Flag Alerts for Improved Installations

Watsonville, CA — July 28, 1997 — Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer and
publisher of the worldwide compression standard StuffIt(r), today announced
StuffIt InstallerMaker 4.1 began shipping. StuffIt InstallerMaker allows
developers to easily create custom software installers and automatic
trialware software (a time-locked demo) without any coding. InstallerMaker
is the only Macintosh installer with automatic trialware creation
capability. Trialware created with InstallerMaker can be purchased by end
users with the click of a button.

“Integrating electronic commerce into InstallerMaker is the solution for
developers, distributors, and marketers to easily incorporate trialware
versions of their software. InstallerMaker with electronic commerce
capabilities significantly cuts costs on developer time and can advance the
availability of software to their customers,” said Jonathan Kahn, Vice
President, Aladdin Business Line. “Trialware offers the chance to
try-before-you-buy and takes some of the risk out of the software market
for developers.”

Six New Features in InstallerMaker 4.1

Two new Tasks make InstallerMaker faster and easier to use. The “Display
Alert” Task allows developers to show alert messages to users at any time
during installation. The “Launch” Task allows developers to create tasks to
launch applications, open other files, or launch additional installers that
are necessary to the installation of their software, without having to
include them in the installer archive.

“Preserve Success/Fail Status,” and the “Execute When” features let users
know when and if their installation succeeded. Preserve Success/Fail
Status, allows developers to preserve the flag that indicates whether the
last Task and/or Find failed when executing tasks, and the Execute When
condition. Execute When is a new feature that allows Tasks to be set to
execute under three conditions: Always, If last Task/Find succeeded, or If
last Task/Find failed.

The fifth new feature is the “Edit Installer Finder Info.” It allows
developers to set the Shared and File Locked flags for the installer, and
/or the minimum and preferred memory allocation. This feature makes it
easier to retain the custom settings for the installer.

The sixth new feature included in InstallerMaker 4.1 is added support for
calling IMid extensions before and after Alias and Rename tasks.

InstallerMaker 4.1 features time saving enhancements including: the
capability to use ShrinkWrap 2.0 and Aladdin1s upcoming ShrinkWrapA 3.0 for
creating disk images as part of the build process, a software license
display mode during installation, a new update architecture that creates
software updaters in one tenth the time and up to 60% smaller, support for
building additional foreign language installers, a faster find, easier
Internet TCP/IP configuration for ISPs, the ability to display banners and
play sounds during the installation process, as well as valuable user
interface enhancements.

Robust Electronic Commerce Solution

With InstallerMaker 4.1, developers can convert their software into
trialware with two simple menu selections; setting the purchase price and
demo period, and adding graphics. InstallerMaker creates a version of
trialware with full featured electronic commerce, a fast, simple extension
of the installation creation process which developers are already required
to do, but without the extensive additional coding necessary on other
electronic commerce solutions.

When InstallerMaker1s trialware feature is enabled, the user is notified
every time they run the software of the number of days or launches left in
their trial period. They are also given the opportunity to purchase the
product from within the application. The purchase may be made in real time
via the Internet, modem connection, an 800 phone call, by fax, or postal
mail. When the demo period expires users will not be able to continue using
the software without a purchase even if they reinstall it.

“The trialware feature in InstallerMaker is a fabulous way for users to
sample a software developer’s product, whether it is a shareware or
commercial product, and allows the user to easily make a purchase at any
time during the trial. So, it helps ensure developers will receive
additional sales because it is so fast and easy to make a purchase,” said
Pauline Shumake, InstallerMaker product manager.

Creating Disk Images with ShrinkWrap

InstallerMaker has the capability to use ShrinkWrap to create disk images
while building an installer. This eliminates a time consuming step in the
SCM process and results in more reliable product builds. With Aladdin1s
ShrinkWrap technology InstallerMaker can now produce the master disk images
for duplication automatically.

Software License Dialog With Foreign Language Support

InstallerMaker supports a separate software license dialog box during
installation. Developers can add copies of their software license agreement
in multiple languages (Spanish, French, German, etc.) to be displayed
before installation. The end user must accept the terms of the license
agreement before the installation will proceed.

Internet Configuration Support

New documentation and the Internet PrefSaverA have been added to assist
developers, in configuring a Mac OS computer for Internet access. PrefSaver
helps ensure user account name and password information is propagated
across common Internet software packages such as Netscape Navigator, Eudora
Lite, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Internet Config and many others through
Internet Config.

Other Information

StuffIt InstallerMaker is distributed electronically through the World Wide
Web at and on CompuServe. InstallerMaker is sold
through license agreements directly from Aladdin. Current licensees can
download a free upgrade of the new version. Contact Developer Sales at for additional details.

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