We are announcing the release of two new eCommerce products we have
developed, eShox for standard web store deployment and mShox for
music-specific web store deployment. Macnn.com recently published the
following announcement about the products:

“eShox uses Apache and mySQL to offer a Mac OS X-based ecommerce solution
with Web-based administration and reporting, real-time payment processing,
a theme-based customzable interface, customer tracking/notification, and
integration with most shipping companies for real-time quotes. Web
administration allows the administrator to set preferences, update order
status, modify customer information, track customer order totals, view
product order statistics and print invoices and packing slips. It also
offers support for multiple currencies, regional tax rates and
product-specific tax rates.

mShox provides similar functionality but is specifically designed for the
music industry with support for sample song tracks in QuickTime, MP3, AC3,
RealPlayer, and WMP formats as well as tour info/dates and other features.
Both products–each $400–are expected to ship on CD on January 2, 2003,
but are available now for download.”

We are offering a discounted introductory price of $299 for each product,
which is 25% less than the retail price of $400. Product information can be
obtained from our web site:

Secure.CC, Inc. (http://www.secure.cc/)

To link to the products specifically, please use the following URL’s:

eShox Commerce Solution (http://www.secure.cc/index.php?product=eshox)
mShox Commerce Solution (http://www.secure.cc/index.php?product=mshox)

The products are available for order now (for immediate download, CD
versions with printed manuals will ship on January 2nd, 2003). Limited demo
versions can be downloaded from the above product URL’s. The demo versions
lack checkout, payment processing and shipping functionality.

If you would like to review the products, please let us know and we’ll
provide you with full versions. We hope that the news release will be
successful, in which case we will be looking at advertising on your site.

Secure.CC, Inc.