Product Release Information

ZCurve Software
8206 Rockville Road #280
Indianapolis, IN

ZCurve Software releases MacStandardBasic 2.3 and prepares Visual
MacStandardBasic 3.0

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, July 24th, 1997 : ZCurve Software announces the release
of MacStandardBasic Version 2.3 , the powerful BASIC development system for
Macintosh computers. Users can purchase and download the complete
MacStandardBasic package from the ZCurve Software website (

This as a free upgrade to owners of previous versions MacStandardBasic.
MacStandardBasic is optimized for both Apple’s newer Power Macintosh
computers and older Macintosh models.

ZCurve Software is finishing work on Visual MacStandardBasic 3.0 which is
planned for release in September, 1997. This new product will provide
advanced visual programming along with new Internet access functionality.
All registered owners of MacStandardBasic will receive Visual
MacStandardBasic 3.0 as a free upgrade.

MacStandardBasic normally sells for $99 and can be purchased and downloaded
directly from the ZCurve Software’s website. Currently there is a special
promotional price of $49 for those who purchase MacStndardBasic before
August 14th, 1997. Users anywhere in the world can get MacStandardBasic
within minutes over the Internet.

For more information about MacStandardBasic visit the ZCurve Software
website at or via email at .