From: (John C. Daub)
Subject: [ANN]: PowerPlant Classes from Hsoi’s Shop released

Hsoi’s Shop is pleased to announce the release of 5 contributed classes for
Metrowerks’ PowerPlant – some updates, some new!

* CURLPushButton 2.2

Helps make your PowerPlant applications more Internet-savvy by adding
clickable buttons that look and behave like URL links in web browsers. Just
click and go! Great for listing web pages, email addresses, and ftp sites
in About boxes and the like.

* CVersCaption 1.3

A caption that automatically displays version information based upon the
‘vers’ #1 resource. Simple and seemless, just drop and go!

* HCmdButtonAttachment 1.1

An attachment that gives controls command key equivalents to allow for more
and easier keyboard navigation through your application. You can specify
the key to be the first letter of the control’s title or almost any
character of your own choice. Furthermore, the title of the control can
change on the fly to display the shortcut to the user.

* HMarqueeCaption 1.0

Display a horizontally scrolling (from right to left) “marquee” of text,
similar to the JavaScript marquee often seen across the bottom of web
browser windows. Utilizes GWorlds for smooth animation, virtually unlimited
text length, modifier keys can modify scrolling behavior (speed up,
reverse, pause). Great for scrolling credits in About boxes.

* HToggleRadioButton 1.2

Formerly known as LToggleRadioButton, HToggleRadioButton gives the
LToggleButton class a radio-like behavior, i.e. within a group, only one
button in that group can be on.

All classes strive to be easy to use (“drop and play”), flexible, and

All classes are distributed with full source code (no object code
libraries), custom ‘CTYP’ files for ease of editing in Constructor, and
sample applications to demonstrate the features and usage of the class.

These classes are distributed as freeware, however are not in the public
domain. Please see the README files within each archive for complete
licensing information.

You can obtain these classes from their official web site:


They have also been submitted to the PowerPlant Contributed Class archives
as well as Info-Mac (but at the time of this writing have not yet been

I hope you can find them useful and enjoy using them as much as I did
writing them.

– John C. Daub (Hsoi)