From: (MW Ron)
Subject: [ANN] Open CW C++ v2 Beta Test Version


Metrowerks had to make some hard decisions on the C++ compilers whether to
add some C++ improvements this summer or to put all of our efforts into a
new version of our C++ compilers. Our decision was to move ahead to the
next generation of C++ compilers as fast as possible, however, by doing so,
we have failed to uphold some promises, for that Metrowerks deeply

In order to give CodeWarrior users an opportunity to use these new tools as
soon as possible, Metrowerks is having an open Beta test of the v2
compilers and linkers. These v2 tools include namespaces and fuller STL
support. If you are interested in testing these tools, please send an
e-mail to

( address)

Title your message “Open C/C++ compiler test” (without the quotes) and
include your full name, company name, preferred e-mail address, and host
platform (Mac or Windows). Testers must have the current version of
CodeWarrior Professional 1 or Academic to use these beta tools.

Metrowerks will send you a Non Disclosure form that you will need to fax or
mail back before any Beta tools can be tested. The latest tools are not
currently available but should be shortly.

Although we have internally tested these tools and they have passed test
suites, they are Beta software and all normal cautions in using Beta
software apply.

Current MPTP members do not need to resubscribe, they will be given notice
when the tools are available.