CARY, North Carolina (May 23rd, 2006) – Intelli Innovations, Inc. is
pleased to release Barcode Producer 3.8, delivering QuarkXPress 7.0 (final
release) support to the industry-leading barcode generation software suite
for Mac OS X.

“Barcode Producer is built with today’s designer in mind,” said Travis J.
Hicks, Lead Project Engineer. “We’ve kept up on QuarkXPress 7.0 revisions
during Quark’s development process to ensure that our customers will
continue to have a seamless barcode integration experience. Barcode
Producer 3.8 creates barcodes that are fully optimized for Illustrator,
QuarkXPress, and InDesign. Regardless of who’s side you’re on in DTP and
graphical layout software, we’ve made barcode creation easy on Mac OS X.”

Barcode Producer 3.8 offers the following major enhancements:

– Optimized vector EPS output for QuarkXPress 7.0 for Mac OS X.

– Revised integration information for QuarkXPress 7.0. The best way to
place a vectorized EPS barcode from Barcode Producer is to insert the
graphic into a picture box and output to a PostScript compatible printing
device or PDF conversion software package.

– Integrated vector output with no non-standard fonts. Barcode Producer’s
EPS output contains no barcode font dependencies, allowing QuarkXPress to
consider Barcode Producer’s barcodes as native, binary EPS files that can
be parsed directly by the output device.

– Seamless output in one optimized file. Without the need for separate
output files, Barcode Producer’s EPS file format is ready for and optimized
for both Adobe and Quark’s layout and graphics software packages, offering
maximum flexibility to users.

– Specification Tags — Barcode Producer’s EPS format now includes comments
indicating the settings used to create the barcode for future reference,
available to view from within Illustrator, Adobe Bridge, or by simply
opening the EPS file for reference.

Notice regarding QuarkXPress on Intel support with Barcode Producer:

Barcode Producer 3.8 works with both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.
QuarkXPress 7.0 is not currently a Universal Binary at release stage.
Intelli Innovations will continue to test new QuarkXPress development
releases to ensure compatibility with the upcoming Intel-native version.
Barcode Producer, QuarkXPress 7 (PowerPC version), and QuarkXPress 7
(Universal Binary development release) have been successfully used together
on Intel-based machines by Intelli Innovations test engineering staff.
Customers seeking additional information or in need of assistance using
these products together should contact for technical

Barcode Producer is $149.00 for Mac OS X. This release is a free upgrade
for all Barcode Producer 3.x license holders. For additional product
information or to download a free demonstration version, please visit:

Direct download for Mac OS X:

E-Mail: Telephone: (919) 468-0340

About Intelli Innovations, Inc. Founded in 1998, Intelli Innovations
develops innovative hardware and software solutions for Mac OS X and
Windows. The company’s award-winning brands include IntelliScanner
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