From: (MW Ron)
Subject: [ANN] public beta of PowerPlant 1.8b1


This is a public beta of PowerPlant 1.8b1 (the archive also includes
Constructor 2.4.3a1). This archive contains the new Appearance Classes
which provide native support for MacOS 8’s new Appearance Manager. It also
contains many other changes and improvements since CW Pro 1. It is an
(almost) complete PowerPlant folder.

Althought this has been tested this is a public beta and all precautions
normally associated with beta sofware should be noted. Furthermore, the
contents of this archive (PowerPlant) is subject to change for CW Pro 2.

You must have CW Pro 1 to install and use this public beta. or

If you are connecting from europe, you may want to try the mirror at:

PowerPlant Public Beta 1.8b1
Released on 09/30/1997
Download Update (1524k)