From: Matthew Hudson (
Subject: Mac programs wanted for publication!



Softdisk Publishing has been publishing monthly software since 1981 for a
wide variety of computer systems. We give our subscribers high quality
software at a fraction of the typical commercial price. Our software is in
use by thousands of people on thousands of computers worldwide. In age, our
subscribers range from six-year-old elementary school students to 70-plus
retirees, and their wide variety of interests are well matched by our
diverse offerings each month. Many of the programs that Softdisk publishes
on its monthly software subscriptions are created by talented free-lance
programmers from around the world who submit their programs for review and
potential publication.

Where do you fit in?

We pay a flat licensing fee for the rights to run each program on an issue
and we also offer quarterly ROYALTIES (typically 20%) for download sales
through Softdisk’s Online Superstores on CompuServe, Prodigy, and the World
Wide Web (

If this unique opportunity to effortlessly market your work through
multiple software channels world-wide sounds interesting, please send us an
e-mail at

We would be interested in reviewing all products that you have worked on.
Softdisk will review each submitted work, then negotiate purchase and/or
publication fees with the owner if the product meets our needs.


Matthew A. Hudson
Managing Editor
Softdisk Publishing

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