From: (MW Ron)
Subject: [UPDATE] Vibrations in CW Tools CD


I know that many of you have had problems of vibrations in our Tools CD.
Here is another report on the current knowledge.

This Vibration problem is only on the Macintosh Tools CD as far as we can
tell. It also only affect 4x or higher speed CD Roms, the faster the CD
ROM the more noticible the vibration.

The manufacturer stil has not received a report back on what the problem
is, but still believe it to be one stamper. All of the bad MacOS Tools CDs
Metrowerks sent to them were pressed by the same stamper as well as all of
the CDs that have been returned from customers. On the shiny side of the
CD is the stamper number MACCD R1J 11.

There have been reports of other stamper numbers R1J 13 as having the
problem but none of the stock tested with that number were flawed. If you
feel you have an abnormal CD vibration even if it is not the MACCD R1J 11
stamper number please contact sales for a replacement.

Metrowerks has sent all of the MacOS Tools CDs that we had in stock back to
the manufacturer, who will sort for bad CD’s and replicate additional CDs
to replenish our stock. Additionally, they will provide to us extra CDs to
send to customers that call needing replacement CDs.

Please if you have CDs that are causing you any concern call Metrowerks and
request a replacement 1-800-377-5416 (US and Canada Only) or fax or
write to Metrowerks requesting a replacement.

Metrowerks Corporation
One Technology Centre
2201 Donley Drive Suite 310
Austin, TX 78758

512-873-4700 voice
512-873-4901 fax

International users, please check the Metrowerks web site


for a listing of your local distributor and contact them for replacement.
This will help you receive a replacement faster. If you have no local
distributor please contact or fax or write them.

Metrowerks apologizes for this inconvenience and thanks JVC for the prompt
and professional manner in handling this problem.