Every article, every major Mac developer publication —
on your desktop, and fast!

Special offer through June 30, 1997
Our best deal yet — Get almost 25% off!

You may have heard about the new MacTech CD — we released it at WWDC
(press release is below).

The short and simple message about this CD is — EVERY article of every
major Macintosh developer publication available and the original Inside
Macintosh is included on this CD. That’s more than FOUR LINEAR FEET of
printed content.

MacTech’s 1-12 CD includes:

* Entire archives of MacTech Magazine
* Entire archives of develop — Apple’s Technical Journal
* Entire archives of FrameWorks — from the Software Frameworks Association
* Volumes I-VI of Inside Macintosh(r)

and all of it is accessible in one of the most beloved reference tools —
THINK Reference.

On the CD, you get:

* Almost 1600 articles from all 139 issues of MacTech Magazine
(1984-1996) and part of 1997 — in THINK Reference!

* All 29 Issues (1990-1997) of Apple’s develop(tm) — in THINK Reference!

* 21 issues of FrameWorks from the Software Frameworks Association
(formerly MacApp Developers Association) — the most complete set of
FrameWorks archives known. (Note: These articles are in text format
on the preliminary version — they move to THINK Reference format in
the final version.)

* Improved hypertext, improved indices, and a new THINK Reference Viewer
— for lightning quick access! The new viewer has improved searching

* 100+ MB of source code — use them in your applications, with no
royalties! Includes all the source code from MacTech issues as well as
Apple’s develop and FrameWorks.

* Full version of THINK Reference — the original online guide to
Inside Macintosh, Vols. I-VI

* Sprocket(tm)! MacTech’s tiny framework that compiles quickly and
supports System 7.5 features

* The best threads from the Mac programmer newsgroups plus thousands
of notes, tips, snippets, and gotchas

* Popular tools that Mac programmers use to increase their productivity.
Demos from developer tool vendors. And much more!

The CD is normally $129. Order yours NOW for the exceptionally low price
of $99, and receive the final, fully polished version of 1-12 this summer
absolutely FREE. The version you get today is the fully functional
preliminary version.

See for yourself why MacTech Magazine’s CD-ROM is the best information source
for Macintosh programmers and developers.

How can you order and take advantage of this great deal? Send email with
your name, address, credit card, and phone number to


MacTech Magazine products are distributed through DevDepot:

Sales: 800-MACDEV-1
Outside US/Canada: 805-494-9797
Fax: 805-494-9798


This product is at:
http://www.devdepot.com/SBDisplayItem.qry?ItemCode=SMTCD12s, combined with MacTech’s
third-party insights, product reviews, and industry news means developers
will get even more of the high-quality technical information they have come
to expect from each publication.”

“The new CD represents some four linear feet of printed matter.” said Neil
Ticktin, Publisher of MacTech. “We’ve taken every article we could get our
hands on and put it into the best online reference tool available. The
quality of develop’s content warranted that we move it immediately onto the
CD — that’s why we moved quickly to complete this within weeks of develop
joining MacTech.”

The CD has a list price of $129. Upgrades from previous versions of the CD
(other than those that receive it free) are $49.

The MacTech CD will ship at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference on
Tuesday, May 13. This is a first look or beta version. Everyone who has
purchased the MacTech CD Volumes 1-11 since November 1, 1996 will be sent
this beta version by the last week in May — automatically and free of
charge. All recipients of the beta version (including those sent it free)
will be sent the final, fully polished version of the 1-12 CD mid-summer.

All orders and customer service questions are handled through Developer
Depot, MacTech’s primary distributor. Sales: 800-MACDEV-1, Voice:
805-494-9797, Fax: 805-494-9798, mailto:orders@devdepot.com,

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