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ACI US ships 4D Server Version 6
The “zero admin” data and application server

JUNE 6, 1997 CUPERTINO, CA. Today, ACI US ships 4D Server Version 6, the
newest upgrade to the outstanding 4D product line. 4D Server is the
cross-platform data and application server for 4th Dimension (4D). Any 4D
application created for Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh, or Power
Macintosh easily scales to a workgroup client/server solution using 4D

4D Server provides a fully integrated architecture in which both client and
server use a single 4D application. 4D Server frees developers from the
need to design separate front-end applications. 4D Server fills the gap
between low-end file-sharing-based systems and complex SQL-based RDBMS
systems. Any 4D Server application smoothly interfaces with existing
enterprise databases (ORACLE, Sybase, or any ODBC-compatible server) with
4D Connectivity Plug-ins.

The 4D Server multi-threaded architecture delivers a wide range of
integrated features and services such as triggers, stored procedures, a Web
server, a data server, and a network protocol manager, and also functions
as a transparent multi-tiered development server. 4D Server is the
superior solution for designing, developing, and deploying within a
workgroup, Internet, or intranet environment.

States ACI US company president and founder, Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, “4D
Server benefits from the user-focused heritage of 4D. As a result, 4D
Server is a complete plug-and-play (PNP) system.” In addition, “4D Server
is designed to support an integrated client/server model with the
requirement that no additional computerization cost should occur when
companies or departments move from personal or interpersonal desktop
computing (file sharing) to workgroup computing.”

4D Server permits sophisticated application partitioning and scaling.
Thanks to its multi-process management at both server and client levels,
its multi-process stored procedures, and its interprocess management
system, it enable IS managers to continuously monitor their database

With all the phenomenal 4th Dimension Version 6 features, 4D Server is an
ideal solution for a workgroup and business environment at a remarkable
cost. The estimated street price for 4D Server V6 is $699, and it includes
two user licenses and five Internet connections.

About ACI US
ACI US, Inc. was founded in 1987 as the US publisher of 4th Dimension and
the 4D product line which has set the relational database standard for ten
years. In 1995, ACI extended 4th Dimension technology to the Windows
platform.. ACI US is located at 20883 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino,
CA 95014; Tel 408-252-4444; toll free 800-881-3466; fax 408-252-4829;

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