June 5, 1997

Sara Winge
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SEBASTOPOL, CA–“Java Fundamental Classes Reference,” the latest title in
O’Reilly & Associates’ Java documentation series, provides complete
reference documentation on the core Java 1.1 classes.

“Java Fundamental Classes Reference” goes beyond a standard reference
manual. In addition to detailed descriptions of classes and methods, it
offers tutorial-style explanations of the important classes in the Java
core API. The first section of the book includes chapters that describe the
ins and outs of strings and related classes, effective thread programming,
and the use of the I/O classes. These chapters also include lots of sample
code, so that readers can learn by example.

The core classes addressed in “Java Fundamental Classes Reference” contain
architecture-independent methods that serve as Java’s gateway to the real
world, by providing access to resources such as the network and the host
filesystem. These classes also include utilities for working with strings,
I/O streams, mathematical functions, vectors, and hash tables. The book
covers the classes that comprise the java.lang,,,
java.util, java.text, java.math, java.lang.reflect, and
packages. These classes provide general-purpose functionality that is
fundamental to every Java application.

“Java Fundamental Classes Reference” describes Version 1.1 of the Java
Development Kit (JDK) and includes:

– Easy-to-use reference material on every core Java class
– Tutorial-style explanations of important classes and examples that
demonstrate their functionality
– Detailed coverage of all the essential classes in java.lang,
including Object, String, and Thread
– Descriptions of all the I/O classes provided in the package,
including all of the new Reader, Writer, and object serialization
classes in Java 1.1
– Material on using the classes in java.util effectively
– Coverage of all the networking classes in the package

“Java Fundamental Classes Reference” is meant to be used in conjunction
with the “Java AWT Reference.” Together, these two reference manuals cover
all of the classes in the Java core API. “Java Language Reference”
completes O’Reilly’s core Java documentation set by providing a detailed
reference of the Java programming language. These manuals comprise the
definitive set of Java 1.1 documentation–essential reference for any
serious Java programmer.

O’Reilly’s Java series also includes a tutorial, “Exploring Java,” and
single-topic programming books that provide in-depth information on
critical topics, an approach the company has perfected in the past ten
years with their highly successful Nutshell Handbooks. “Java Virtual
Machine,” “Java Threads,” and “Java Network Programming” are the first
books on advanced programming topics. Upcoming Java programming books
include “Developing Java Beans” (6/97) and “Database Programming with JDBC
and Java” (7/97).

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Java Fundamental Classes Reference
By Mark Grand & Jonathan Knudsen
1st Edition May 1997 (US)
1114 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-241-7, $44.95 (US)

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