Woz to Keynote at MacHack ’97

Grosse Pointe, MI — June 4, 1997 — The MacHack Committee announced today
that Steve Wozniak will be the Keynote Speaker for the 12th Annual
MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers.

MacHack ’97 will be held in Dearborn Michigan on June 26-28, 1997. The
keynote address will be Midnight of June 26 (Wednesday night/Thursday
morning). Attendance at MacHack is limited to the first 300 registrants.
Registration information is available on-line at http://www.machack.com or
by calling (313) 882-1824, faxing (313) 882-6942, or writing to

Woz, who co-founded Apple Computer in 1976, is currently serving on the
Apple Executive Committee and provides computer support for the Los Gatos
Unified School District. He built his first computer, the Apple I, for
himself and fellow hackers at the Homebrew Computer Club, a group
interested in computers and microprocessors. Since then Woz has been
involved with many different organizations and events including the
Electronic Freedom Foundation and US Festivals.

“We’re extremely excited to have Woz join us at MacHack,” said
NeTProfessional magazine editor Raines Cohen, this year’s conference
chairman. “He has a long history of innovative development, creating
hardware and software products that push the limits of the available
technology — and that’s what hacking is all about.”

Woz will be joined at the conference by hundreds of other developers,
including a special guest: original Mac team member Andy Hertzfeld, who
gave the keynote speech at MacHack ’94.

MacHack features in-depth technical sessions and papers on topics of
interest to Macintosh programmers including other platforms (OpenStep,
Windows, Be, Newton, Pilot) new technologies such as Active-X, Java, and
STL as well as the old stand-bys like scripting, debugging, networking,
games, and how to make your own Macintosh clone. In keeping with the
hands-on nature of MacHack, dozens of machines and other hardware will be
available for use and the annual Hack Contest will offer a chance for
participants to impress their peers with their creativity and skill.


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