OverDrive DNA Technology to Protect and Encode On-line Digital Content

CHICAGO, June 2 — 1997 BookExpo America, McCormick Place Complex —
OverDrive Systems, Inc. announced the release of OverDrive DNA, content
protection and identification software, for the secure hosting and selling
of documents and electronic books on the Web. A novel feature of OverDrive
DNA is the automatic generation of a unique “DNA” code for each digital
object, Web server, and customer that handles the protected container file.

“Unlike other encryption programs or service bureaus, OverDrive DNA is a
total solution for publishers, authors or other owners of content to
totally manage the protection and sale of their digital products from their
own website,” stated Steven Potash, OverDrive President. “OverDrive DNA
Containers provide secure delivery of digital files in a variety of
formats, and DNA Readers and plugins are planned for popular publishing
formats, such as HTML,” Potash stated. OverDrive DNA software solutions
are licensed as a self-sufficient solution for webmasters, ISP’s or
publishers without any royalty fees, transaction or handling charges for
its use, Potash added.

OverDrive DNA is comprised of three applications, DNA Engineer, DNA Server
and DNA Reader. DNA Engineer is a mastering tool for publishers to
compress, encrypt and encode ownership and copyright information into
digital objects. DNA Server is used to encode transaction and authorized
user information into the protected object prior to a sale and download
from a website. DNA Reader, a small, freely distributed program, creates a
unique DNA code for each user and permits quick and easy purchase or access
to DNA protected objects.

“OverDrive DNA containers and protected objects are only delivered to
authorized customers after it has been encoded specifically for their use,”
Potash added. The 32-bit applications are available for the Windows 95 and
Windows NT operating systems. OverDrive DNA is based upon OverDrive’s
encryption and compression technology that has been used by leading
publishers to sell electronic titles on CD ROM. OverDrive Systems also
offer a developers kit containing API and DLL programs for webmasters and
developers to customize and integrate OverDrive DNA into a variety of
commercial publishing site applications.

OverDrive Systems will offer for sale DNA protected electronic books at its
on-line all digital bookstore (http://www.bookaisle.com), where full
versions of electronic books can be searched on-line and immediately
purchased as a download. At the BookExpo America Convention, OverDrive
will be demonstrating examples of its Internet electronic books,
interactive testing and training applications, and custom publishing
products it has developed. Clients of the company include Simon & Schuster,
Time Warner, McGraw-Hill, Harcourt Brace, Ziff-Davis, Prentice Hall, and
John Wiley & Sons.

OverDrive Systems, Inc., was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in the
Greater Cleveland area. OverDrive develops and licenses its proprietary
software products and services to commercial publishers to create, update
and resell electronic versions of their printed books via personal
computers. OverDrive Systems, Inc. can be reached at 800-860-7243 or at

SOURCE OverDrive Systems, Inc.

Steve Potash of OverDrive Systems, Inc., 800-860-7243,
or spotash@overdrive.com