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June 4, 1997, Boston. — ClearWay Technologies today announced “ClearWay
Simple Cache Manager 1.1”, for both 68K and PowerPC Web servers. This free
WebSTAR plug-in automatically refreshes Web server RAM caches using a
simple set of configurable rules. Already in use by hundreds of
Webmasters, the ClearWay Simple Cache Manager is now available for
68K-based servers, as well as those based on the PowerPC.

Since the release of WebSTAR 2.0, many Mac-based Webmasters have faced a
tough decision: run their Web servers with RAM caching enabled, and
struggle to keep the caches ‘in sync’ as files are remotely updated, or run
their servers without RAM caching, thereby reducing their performance. The
ClearWay Simple Cache Manager (CSCM) provides a simple, direct solution to
this dilemma, allowing Webmasters to enable full caching, and still letting
remote users update their sites easily in realtime.

CSCM is an extremely lightweight, high-performance W*API plug-in that can
be set to clear the server RAM caches under a configurable set of
circumstances. The simplest is this: CSCM can automatically clear the Web
server caches whenever a Netscape user holds down the Option key while
selecting View-)Reload. This extremely simple trigger makes it a snap for
remote users to guarantee that their latest file changes are available
immediately, even when the server is using full ‘file info’ and ‘data’

CSCM can also be configured to clear the caches when a special URL
(/.clear) is accessed. In addition, each feature can be independently
activated and controlled through a fully-graphical user interface.

The software is free. A 68K/PowerPC fat versions is available immediately


ClearWay created CSCM to make the Macintosh an even faster, cooler, and
friendlier Web server platform.