MacMice Announces PortBuddy Port Relocator For The iMac G5

Hendersonville, TN – January 7, 2005 – MacMice, a divison of DVForge,
Inc. announces that it will be showing its new PortBuddy port relocator
product at its booth #1017 at Macworld Conference & Expo, January
11-14, 2005.

“When we first started using the amazing new Apple iMac G5, one of the
few frustrations we encountered was the inconvenient location of the
rear-side mounted ports, especially the frequently used Firewire and
USB ports. PortBuddy is our simple little solution to that challenge,”
said DVForge Executive Vice President, Chuck Leonard. “The PortBuddy
just snaps onto the back of the new iMac, and moves a USB and a
Firewire port to the right-hand edge of the computer. Another matching
pair of ports is turned to the inside, for more permanent connections.
But, while thinking about this product, we realized it presented a
chance to solve another challenge. So, we added a 13-way memory card
drive that uses just one slot for all thirteen card types. That card
slot is also easily accessible at the right-hand edge of the iMac.
Since the idea of the iMac is to conserve desk space, we think the
PortBuddy really fits the theme.”

PortBuddy is a snap-on port relocator and memory card drive that plugs
into the ports on the back of an iMac G5 and moves 1 USB and 1 Firewire
port to the right-rear edge of the iMac. It moves another USB and
Firewire port to the inside face of the PortBuddy. And, it includes a
13-in-1 memory card drive that has only one slot for all card types
accessible from the right edge of the iMac.

PortBuddy nicely matches the gloss white finish of the iMac G5, and is
self-powered. The product will be displayed and demonstrated at the
MacMice booth at the Macworld Expo, and will begin shipping in February
at a MSRP of $49.99.

Tennessee-based DVForge, Inc. is one of today’s fastest growing
consumer technology companies, specializing in high-style,
high-function products in the computer, audio, pro music, and
performance software product sectors. It develops, sells and supports
industry-leading consumer technology products under a variety of market
specific brands, including MacMice, ProSticks, PodBuddy, JamPlug, and
others to launch in the near future.

DVForge, Inc. – MacMice Division
130 Volunteer Drive, Hendersonville TN 37075