4 June 1997 For immediate release

mTropolis goes hyper

mTropolis’ open architecture has allowed hot new developer ThereWare to add
HyperText functionality to its authoring environment further decreasing the
gap in features between mTropolis and Director.

“ThereWare has taken full advantage of the mFactory Object Model
architecture to add some incredible new features to mTropolis. From RTF
file support with the HotText Modifier, to dynamic image rotation with the
Rotator Modifier, ThereWare’s extensions are immediately useful, elegantly
designed, and reasonably priced. Nice work!” said mTropolis Product Manager
Mr Jeff Dill

ThereWare recently polled mTropolis developers and has over 60 suggestions
for kits. ThereWare Vice President, Mr Geoff Hunt said “ThereWare is
filling the most immediate needs of developers right now instead of waiting
for the next major release of mTropolis”.

What Kai’s Power Tools is to Photoshop, ThereWare is to mTropolis. In the
last month this nimble new company has increased the feature set of
mTropolis with its Rotator, Wraparound, QuickKit and now HotText kits.

HotText is one of the most powerful ways to navigate through large volumes
of information. The kit contains a ‘one drop solution’ that will have
developers hyperlinking text in a matter of minutes. “The amount of time
developers will save will be enormous” said Mr Hunt. ” On our latest CD-ROM
‘Real wild child’ we had over 300 text files and 1500 elements to be
linked. It couldn’t have been done without HotText ”

Kits can be downloaded from their website and trialed
for as long as you like in your mTropolis editor. When you want to build a
project, just buy the key to unlock the kit from the same website.

mTropolis the award winning object orientated programming environment has
been acclaimed as the brightest new multimedia authoring package. Many
converts have marvelled at the speed in which reliable multimedia projects
can be built, but become frustrated with the lack of inbuilt features that
are currently available in mTropolis.

ThereWare has responded to this call for help and have created a number of
kits of modifiers that will save developers’ time in creating projects and
speed up their interfaces by keeping download times to a minimum.

Kits currently available from ThereWare include Rotator, Wraparound
,QuickKit and now HotText. At only $95 per kit they are a cheap and quick
way of increasing the features and performance of mTropolis.

ThereWare has been working with mTropolis since it was first released and
is at the forefront of mTropolis technology and its programming environment
known as MOM.

ThereWare is a new division of Pacific Advanced Media, started with the
sole aim of providing modifiers that will enhance the power and speed of
mTropolis. With over five years in multimedia production ThereWare creates
practical real world solutions for interactive developers.

Pacific Advanced Media have been producing CD-ROMs for over five years and
have released 12 major titles. All current projects are being built with
mTropolis and extensively use ThereWare modifiers.

More information
Chris Perkins- VP Marketing-
Phone: +61 2 9439 8700
Fax: +61 2 9439 5486