Astrobyte(TM) Announces New Web Authoring XTension(TM)
BeyondPress(TM) 3.0 Adds WYSIWYG Web Design, Multimedia, Font Support
to Award-Winning Design Tool

For Immediate Release: April 22, 1997

New York City – At the Seybold Seminars Conference today, Astrobyte
announced BeyondPress 3.0, the latest version of its Web authoring XTension
for QuarkXPress(TM). The 3.0 version supports both Windows(TM) and Mac(R)
OS, includes all the document-conversion features of its predecessor, and
adds powerful Web page authoring and management tools.

WYSIWYG Web Authoring
BeyondPress 3.0 lets designers create Web pages using advanced text
formatting and page layout tools. Using the Cascading Style Sheet support
of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and the upcoming Netscape Navigator 4.0,
plus Bitstream’s TrueDoc(TM) font technology, BeyondPress converts stylized
text in a QuarkXPress document to formatted text on a Web page, retaining
the intended fonts and type size. BeyondPress uses HTML tables to
approximate the layout of a QuarkXPress page.

BeyondPress 3.0 helps designers place text, image, and
multimedia/interactive elements on Web pages by letting them drag these
them elements into a page. QuickTime, Java, RealAudio, animated GIF, and
Shockwave files can be imported into Web pages just as images and text are
brought into QuarkXPress pages. Java applet preview capabilities, live play
of animated GIFs and QuickTime movies, and robust image-editing features
add to BeyondPress’ utilities. BeyondPress also supports Live Picture’s
FlashPix format, in conjunction with the Live Picture XTension.

BeyondPress 3.0 builds on the rich authoring environment of QuarkXPress.
Web designers benefit from QuarkXPress’ advanced find/change, spell
checking, box borders, rotation, polygonal shapes, and master page features
when creating Web pages. BeyondPress adds full drag-and-drop capabilities,
letting designers move images, text, or entire pages from QuarkXPress to an
HTML editor or to the Finder, retaining text formats, image quality, and
the approximate layout of the page.

Document Conversion
As in previous versions, BeyondPress 3.0 will convert existing QuarkXPress
documents to Web pages, without changing their formatting. Images can be
cropped, scaled, and converted to JPEG and GIF formats. Modified color
palettes can be created for individual images, or a specific color palette
can be applied to all images. BeyondPress can convert all images on a page
to the Netscape 216 color palette (the colors that most browsers display
best on both Windows and Mac OS). Hypertext links, background colors and
images, and complex image maps are easily created with BeyondPress.

Pricing and Availability
BeyondPress 3.0 is available direct from Astrobyte, from its Web site
(, and from distributors in North America, Europe,
Australia, and South Africa. A public beta will be available to download by
the end of April. The Mac OS product is projected to ship at the end of
May, followed by the Windows product in mid-summer. Single-user copies will
be $495 worldwide until June 30; $595 thereafter. BeyondPress 2.0 users can
upgrade for $149 until June 30; $179 thereafter. BeyondPress 1.0 users can
upgrade for $249 until June 30; $299 thereafter. Cyberpress users can
upgrade for $349 until June 30; $449 thereafter. Customers who purchase
BeyondPress 2.0 after April 14 will receive a free upgrade to BeyondPress
3.0. Site licenses are available.

Astrobyte is a privately held Denver-based developer of publishing and
Web-authoring tools. For more information, contact Astrobyte at (303)
861-4861, or visit

))To Order BeyondPress
BeyondPress order forms are available on the Astrobyte Web site, Or, to receive an order form by fax, just send
email to with your fax number. You can also request
an order form by calling 303-534-6344, between 9am and 5pm Mountain Time.

))Contacting Astrobyte
To reach Astrobyte, use the following addresses

General Information: (an automated response server)
Support and Other Communications:

Voice: 303-861-4861
Fax: 303-861-4876

625 E. 16th Ave, #200
Denver, Colorado 80203

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))About Astrobyte
================= Astrobyte, a developer of leading edge publishing tools,
was formed in 1994 by former employees of Quark, Inc. Astrobyte is located
in Denver, Colorado, and is privately held.

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