Austin, TX (April 23, 1997) – Purity Software announced today a competitive
upgrade program that can save users $150 when purchasing WebSiphon, the
powerful server-side web application development tool for Macintosh web
sites. The offer enables users of any retail version of NetCloak or
NetForms to purchase a full retail copy of WebSiphon v1.0.2 at a special
promotional price of $345 and is available until June 30th, 1997. Users who
purchase WebSiphon under this program will receive a free upgrade to
WebSiphon v1.5 when it ships later this year.

The competitive upgrade program was developed in response to requests by
NetCloak and NetForms users who feel restricted by the limited feature-set
available in current versions of these products.

“We have spoken with many Macintosh WebMasters who have simply reached the
point where they need more power than NetCloak and NetForms provide,” said
Nathan Nunn, President and CEO of Purity Software. “Current WebSiphon users
are producing solutions that others in the web industry have claimed are
simply not possible on a Macintosh.”

WebSiphon allows you to rapidly design custom server-side web applications
by embedding an easy to learn, yet powerful scripting language directly
into your HTML documents. WebSiphon also includes Verona, the only
Macintosh flat-file database server written specifically for use on a web
site. Unlike other authoring solutions currently available, WebSiphon’s
scripting language is actually a compiled language designed from day one to
produce outstanding performance on a Macintosh web server. The language
offers extensive support for variables, conditional statements, powerful
looping, and built-in functions. Function libraries included with WebSiphon
are quite powerful, with over 80 functions available, and provide
web-related services such as client redirection and authorization, string
manipulation, date and time, text file support, full math support, and
more. In addition, the upcoming WebSiphon v1.5 upgrade will increase the
power available incredibly.


Robert Woodhead, CEO of Animeigo, Inc. remarked, “One of the best features
of WebSiphon is its ability not only to create powerful and dynamic
applications quickly and easily, but also to modify and extend them in an
organic manner. Our chat room started out as a simple test of what
WebSiphon was capable of, but in response to requests from users, has
evolved into an extremely feature-rich implementation. WebSiphon not only
lets you do much more than traditional CGIs, but also shortens the
development cycle and lets you concentrate on the features you want to
provide as opposed to the infrastructure needed to get your application
running on the server.” Animeigo’s chat system is available from their web
site at (http://www.animeigo.com/)

Clear Ink web artist Dan Livingston used WebSiphon on the Apple-sponsored
Convomania site extensively. Convomania has been featured on CNN, MacHome
Journal, The LA Times, the San Jose Mercury News and on Apple’s home page.
When constructing Convomania, Dan utilized WebSiphon for archiving user
entries, randomly displaying graphics, forms processing, and creating
administration interfaces for the people behind Convomania so they can
update the site’s content within a web-based interface. Convomania is
served from a Power Macintosh 8500/132 at (http://www.mania.apple.com/).


A demonstration copy of WebSiphon is available from Purity Software’s web
site, at (http://www.purity.com/websiphon/).


WebSiphon requires an Apple Macintosh computer running System 7.5 or
higher, 1 MB RAM for WebSiphon, and a Macintosh web server. For database
functionality, Verona requires an additional 1MB of RAM. WebSiphon has been
tested and is fully compatible with the following web servers: WebSTAR(tm)
by StarNine Technologies, a division of Quarterdeck; NetPresenz(tm) by
Peter Lewis; Quid Pro Quo(tm) by Chris Hawk; and Sonic Systems’


Purity Software, Inc. was founded in 1995, is a privately-held corporation
based in Austin, TX. The company is committed to developing the finest
products possible for the Macintosh and Be communities. Purity Software may
be contacted at 1016 Mopac Circle, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78746, USA;
512-328-2288; fax 512-328-2688; info@purity.com.

Purity Software, Inc.
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Press Contact: Nathan Nunn, nnunn@purity.com