Apple MessagePad 2000 Sales Booming Less Than A Month After Product Ships

CUPERTINO, Calif.–The Apple Newton MessagePad 2000 is roaring out of the
gate. Apple Computer, Inc. reports that less than a month after its March
24 ship date, the newest member of its Newton family of mobile business
appliances is selling briskly at both the corporate and retail levels.

“The MessagePad 2000 is today’s most powerful handheld computer,” said
Sandy Bennett, vice president of the Newton Systems Group at Apple
Computer, Inc. “The sales we have achieved in our first 30 days and
customer response validate our claim that the MessagePad 2000 is a
compelling business machine. Our bookings rates are running five times as
high as they were a year ago.”

Announced last October, the MessagePad 2000 offers features that are
important for mobile professionals, including e-mail, fax, and Internet
access capability (modem and Internet service provider account must be
purchased separately), as well as personal productivity software at a
fraction of a laptop’s weight: 1.4 pounds. Built around the 160 MHz
StrongARM processor, the MessagePad 2000 performs up to ten times faster
than current handheld computers in the market today and works easily to
exchange data with both Windows and Mac OS-based computers. The MessagePad
2000 retails for approximately U.S. $950 to U.S. $1,100, depending on

Retail Sales Fast and Furious “The MessagePad 2000 is a hot ticket item,”
said Steve Elms, president of Newton Source, a chain of specialty stores
with outlets in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles “We can’t keep
them on our shelves.” Elms estimates that 60 percent of his MessagePad
2000 customers use Microsoft Windows on their desktop computers. The other
40 percent use Apple Macintosh computers.

The MessagePad 2000 and its Newton Operating System Software can be an
important productivity tool for users of desktop systems that run either

Corporate MIS Directors Applaud Newton The MessagePad 2000 is gaining
dedicated followers among corporate MIS directors, especially in the
healthcare, sales automation, field service and route delivery industries.

MessagePad 2000 Features The MessagePad 2000 incorporates a new version of
the award winning Newton operating system enabling it to support additional
functionality such as voice recording and a 16-level gray scale screen.
The computer comes preconfigured with a web browser and email client
software (modem and Internet Service Provider required for Internet
access), a word processor, spreadsheet (available in most configurations),
and Newton address book, calendar, and notes applications. The computer
can exchange data with many major Windows and Macintosh personal
information management applications, including Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0,
Lotus Organizer 2.1, and Claris Organizer 2.0 using Apple’s Newton
Connection Utilities (included). The computer’s Auto Dock feature makes
these data transfers easy. The MessagePad 2000 can also transfer data to
and from Microsoft Excel or Word on both Windows and Mac OS-based systems.

Weeks of Run-time on a Single Charge Four AA alkaline batteries or a
rechargeable battery pack with one-hour recharge will power the device for
up to six weeks of normal usage. The computer has two Type II PC Card
slots that support many wired and wireless communication solutions already
shipping for the Newton operating system, as well as expansion for
applications and memory cards. An instant on feature lets you quickly begin
working – there is no waiting for the device to bootup. The MessagePad
2000 comes standard with 5MB RAM and 8MB of ROM, Cirrus Voyager chip set,
and a power efficient, backlit screen with 16-level gray scale. The entire
width of a fax or web page can be scaled to be viewed and the screen can
rotate 360 degrees which means that users can view and work on the screen,
either horizontally, vertically or upside down, depending on their
preference. A built-in microphone and speaker enables users to record and
play back voice dictation. Options include a lightweight, touch-type
keyboard (available as standard in some configurations), NiMh rechargeable
battery pack, AC adapter, and additional flash memory cards. Built in
software enables direct printing to serial, IrDA and LocalTalk printers.
The optional Print Pack allows printing to parallel printers.

The MessagePad 2000 is now available from selected authorized Apple dealers.

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