Apple Announces Pricing and Availability of AppleShare IP 5.0

SEYBOLD EXPO–NEW YORK–April 21, 1997–Apple Computer, Inc. today
announced pricing and availability of its next-generation server
software–AppleShare IP 5.0. The software will be included in the
AppleShare Server Solution, one of three software configurations included
with Apple’s newly announced Workgroup Servers 7350/180 and 9650/233. A
shrinkwrap version of AppleShare IP 5.0 is also scheduled for distribution
in May 1997 by Claris Corporation.

The recommended retail prices for AppleShare IP 5.0 vary based on

SKU Version Price
452000Z AppleShare IP 5.0 (Unlimited Client Version) $1999
506092Z AppleShare IP 5.0 (50-Client Version) $1349
506091Z AppleShare IP 5.0 (5-Client Version) $ 799
506095Z AppleShare IP 5.0 (6-50 Additional Client License) $ 599
506096Z AppleShare IP 5.0 (51-Unlimited Additional Clients) $ 699
452005Z AppleShare IP 5.0 4.x-5.0 Upgrade (Unlimited Client) $ 499

Designed to offer a complete productivity server solution for small
business or corporate users at the departmental and workgroup level,
AppleShare IP 5.0 combines traditional file sharing using TCP/IP and
AppleTalk, with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) capabilities, a POP3/SMPT mail
server, an HTTP web server and an AppleTalk print server–providing users
with a one-stop productivity solution for shared information and resources.
Together with the software bundle, users are equipped with all the core
technologies found on the Internet today including: web page design, email,
remote management, proxy services, Windows connectivity, and website usage

AppleShare IP 5.0 Services The AppleShare IP 5.0 Apple File Protocol (AFP)
Server includes support for both TCP/IP and AppleTalk. Using the AppleShare
Client version 3.7–the software enabling each client to access the
server–customers can share files in a consistent manner over both TCP/IP
and AppleTalk networks. Users can also mount AFP volumes over the Internet.

The AppleShare IP 5.0 Web Server includes Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
support. Security is shared with the file server allowing for easier

The AppleShare IP 5.0 FTP server supports all common FTP commands,
anonymous log-ins and includes BinHex and MacBinary encoding allowing users
to collaborate and share files within the local network and across the
Internet from remote locations. The AppleShare IP 5.0 FTP Server
automatically encodes files in the standard BinHex format when requested by
an FTP client, eliminating the need for administrators to store duplicate
files on the server.

The AppleShare IP 5.0 Mail Server provides fast and simple Internet email
utilizing Post Office Protocol (POP)/Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)
mail services. Compatible with nearly every POP/SMTP mail client on the
market–including Macintosh, Windows, UNIX, and OS/2–this feature allows
users access to their mail from any client machine. Its robust feature set
includes SMTP routing with full support for Domain Name Services (DNS) and
Mail Exchange (MX) record, Authenticated Post Office Protocol (APOP),
auto-forwarding and server logging. The AppleShare IP 5.0 Mail Server
supports both TCP/IP and AppleTalk.

Via AppleTalk protocols, the AppleShare IP 5.0 Print Server supports up to
30 printers, 10 queues, and 32 simultaneous print sessions freeing users
waiting for print jobs. Its load balancing capabilities allow for faster
print queue processing by distributing print jobs among multiple printers.
It also supports the LaserWriter 8.4 driver, Postscript level 2, and server
side Postscript Printer Descriptions (PPD).

The AppleShare IP 5.0 Admin control panel provides administrators with the
power to easily manage server functions such as maintaining users and
groups access privileges and set-up of mail and print services.

System Requirements, Compatibility and Availability AppleShare IP 5.0
requires an Apple Power Macintosh with a PowerPC 601, 604 or 604e
microprocessor; Macintosh version 7.6 (included) or later; Open Transport
1.1.2 (included) or later; a minimum of 32MB of RAM; a minimum of 10MB of
available hard disk space; and a CD-ROM drive.

AppleShare IP 5.0 is backwards compatible with previous AppleShare servers
to provide services for both Mac OS and Windows clients and is compatible
with previous versions of the Macintosh Workstation client.

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