Ableton ( has given us Live 9.1,- the latest version of the company’s flagship music software. This update is free to all users of Live 9 and provides several new features and improvements.

The 9.1 update delivers the ability to open two windows simultaneously on either one or two monitors. You can open Arrangement and Session Views side by side, or view Live’s sample display or MIDI note editor in a separate window.

For Push users, the update to Live 9.1 introduces new melodic step sequencing capabilities. Notes may now be entered manually or played by hand in real time via Push’s pads. Additionally, all of Live’s automatable parameters can now be step-sequenced and edited directly from Push’s encoders.

Live 9.1 also introduces a new rendering algorithm for better quality audio when exporting from higher to lower sample rates — for instance, when going from 96kHz to 44.1kHz. The update also brings a host of minor tweaks, bug fixes and improvements. All registered Live 9 users can download the free update via their user account.