Altura Software, Inc. Acquires WinSock SDK for Mac OS from NetManage, Inc.

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. — April 21, 1997 — Altura Software, Inc. announced
today that it has acquired the WinSock SDK for Mac OS from NetManage, Inc.
(NASDAQ: NETM) for an undisclosed amount. WinSock SDK for Mac OS provides a
single network API common to both Windows and Mac OS making it easier to
port TCP/IP applications to the Mac OS environment.

WinSock SDK for Mac OS is the only WinSock API for the Mac OS platform.
Bridging the TCP/IP network API gap between the Windows and Mac OS
platforms, WinSock SDK for Mac OS gives developers a tool for porting their
WinSock based applications from Windows to the Mac OS platform.
Additionally, it gives developers a single API for writing applications to
the two stack technologies currently available on the Mac OS platform –
Open Transport and MacTCP.

WinSock SDK for Mac OS is an ideal tool for developers who have been tasked
with porting their applications to the Mac OS or are developing concurrent
projects for both Windows and Mac OS. Because Apple’s upcoming Mac OS
Rhapsody will most likely be sockets based, the WinSock SDK will give
developers a great head start. The SDK offers both 68K and PowerPC support.
The libraries can be used with the most popular Mac OS development

Altura is actively in the process of determining new features for the
WinSock SDK and has not yet announced pricing and support details.
Customers with interest in the SDK or questions are asked to contact Altura
directly or through their web site (

Altura Software has a long history of providing great tools for Mac and
Windows developers. With its flagship product, Mac2Win, Altura made it
possible for developers to leverage their existing Macintosh code base to
create a Windows version of their software. Altura followed Mac2Win with
QuickHelp and QuickView, which allow Windows help and multimedia developers
to port to the Macintosh. Most recently, Altura acquired Object Master, a
cross platform programming tool. The WinSock SDK for Mac OS makes a perfect
addition to Altura’s product lineup; strengthening Altura’s commitment to
the cross platform developer.

“NetManage’s WinSock SDK is a great fit for our business model,” said Lee
Lorenzen, President of Altura Software, Inc. “We will continue to support
existing customers and evolve the technology in order to provide the best
WinSock development tool for the Mac community.”

“It was extremely important to us that we find a strong vendor to take over
the WinSock SDK,” said Bob Williams, vice president of business development
at NetManage. “We were impressed by Altura’s commitment to the developer
community and feel that they are the ideal home for the WinSock SDK.”

NetManage, Inc. provides complete PC connectivity solutions, offering
world-class applications for UNIX and IBM host access, as well as
messaging, collaboration, and enterprise desktop management software.
NetManage has helped drive the emergence of open networks through its
TCP/IP applications and its significant contributions to important industry
standards. Founded in 1990, NetManage employs more than 500 people
worldwide, and is headquartered in Cupertino, CA. The company’s products
are sold and serviced worldwide by NetManage’s direct sales force,
international subsidiaries, and authorized channel partners. Additional
information is available at, by sending e-mail to, or by calling (408) 973-7171.

Altura Software, Inc. is a leading developer of porting technology
solutions for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. The company offers a
diverse line of developer tools: Mac2Win(tm) Porting Technology, Object
Master(tm) Programming Tool, QuickHelp(tm) – WinHelp for the Mac, and
QuickView(tm) Multimedia Viewer. Altura Software, Inc. was founded in 1990
and is based in Pacific Grove, California. For more information on Altura
Software and its products, please contact Lee Lorenzen at 408-655-8005.

Lee Lorenzen, President, Altura Software, Inc.
(408) 655-8005

John Pecoraro, NetManage, Inc., (408) 342-7669

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