Fog City Software Releases LetterRip 1.1 — Mac Mailing List Server

Capitola, CA — April 22, 1997 — Fog City Software, Inc. announces an
important new version of its powerful and easy to use mailing list server,

LetterRip 1.1 delivers email even faster than before. Optimizations in the
mail engine permit LetterRip to reliably deliver thousands of messages an

The high performance mail engine becomes crucial for

– Announcements to thousands of customers or associates
– Busy discussion lists where 100 messages to 1,000 subscribers can mean
up to 100,000 message deliveries

“It screams!”, says Rich Gay of Foresight Technology who uses LetterRip to
manage a number of busy lists.

LetterRip 1.1 adds other features including

– New message headers to make unsubscribing easier
– Enhanced server logging
– More automatically managed administrative accounts

Setting LetterRip up is as easy as ever. Getting the server running is
accomplished in minutes. Features such as digests and moderated lists are
a simple click of the mouse.

Administration can be performed remotely anywhere on the Internet with the
administration program. Intelligent management of errors reduces the list
owner’s workload.

LetterRip is an easy, powerful way to perform mass mailings or manage
discussion lists with a Macintosh. It gets the job done quickly without
the hassles of other products. LetterRip is an elegant tool for anyone
that needs to communicate with groups of people through email.

The upgrade to LetterRip 1.1 is free to all registered owners.

LetterRip is $295 and includes a 12 months subscription for support and

Fog City Software, Inc. distributes and sells LetterRip through the
Internet. The full version of LetterRip runs for 30 days without a
registration number. LetterRip includes a 12 month subscription for
support and updates.

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