Keeple, the Dutch developer of the iPad app, Flickr Studio, has updated it with features that are particularly aimed at vacationing iPad users. It’s available for US$4.99 at the Apple App Store.

“Combining Flickr Studio app with Apple’s camera connection kit, it’s easy to send your best photos to Flickr while traveling,” says developer Robin van Mourik. “You can  import photos directly from your digital camera and into Flickr Studio, add desired titles and descriptions and decide who is allowed to see the pictures.”

The app allows you to build what’s basicly an upload queue while you are still offline. Once you get access to a Wi-Finetwork, all you have to do is tap the “start” button and the queued images are sent directly to Flickr. All of this happens in the background leaving you time to answer your e-mail and working on your travel blog. During the upload, Flickr Studio handles the complex stuff, such as optionally reducing image size and categorizing photos into the right sets.

In addition to the new uploading features, the app offers its own geo-tagging tool. Using Google Maps as a basis, you can add geographic information to your photos. 
Another improvement in the version 3.0 update includes sliding information panels showing you the context, description, location and other details of the photo you’re currently viewing. This makes it possible to have, for instance, the EXIF panel open while browsing photos, thus immediately showing you each photo’s camera settings.