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Pictorius Announces iNet Developer for Macintosh

Next Generation Intranet Application Tool Lets IS Managers Focus on IS
Tasks and Content Providers Create and Manage Site Content in a Team

April 22, 1997 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Pictorius Incorporated, the
leading developer of Intranet software solutions for the corporate market,
today announced Pictorius iNet Developer, a next generation Intranet
development tool. Pictorius iNet Developer is a complete site development
solution designed to give development teams the ability to easily create
complex Intranet sites, connect to databases and change content instantly
with an easy to use visual interface.

Pictorius iNet Developer gives IS managers powerful tools to build custom
functionality into a site and enables content providers (e.g. Marketing,
Finance, HR departments) the freedom to update and manipulate a site’s
content. IS managers can now concentrate on IS related tasks leaving page
layout and content creation and maintenance to the appropriate people. The
beta 1 release of Pictorius iNet Developer for Macintosh is available for
download from the Pictorius web site at

“Pictorius iNet Developer addresses several missing pieces in net
application development,” said Gary Hobin, Director of Development &
Acquisition, Information Systems for Northern Telecom. “The ability to
provide our content providers and programmers with one powerful,
easy-to-use tool significantly decreases our time-to-market and increases
our overall productivity,” he continued. “It’s all about putting the right
tool in the right person’s hands.”

“Pictorius iNet Developer offers a comprehensive solution for corporate
team environments – content developers work directly on the content of
Intranet applications while IS managers retain control over the back-end
technology,” said Jesse Boudreau, President & CEO of Pictorius, Inc.
“Because the iNet system allows content providers and programmers to work
together, companies are able to reduce their web development costs and
eliminate the need for high-priced consultants and escalating site
maintenance costs.”

Meant for corporate environments that take advantage of Intranet strengths,
such as publishing and circulating corporate information, Pictorius iNet
Developer helps content providers create online surveys and forms and tie
them to a database with the click of a button. The iNet agents help users
create dynamic pages through the drag and drop addition of discussion group
functions, group calendars and site maps. Pictorius iNet Developer
generates HTML “on-demand” making it easier to put applications into
production by avoiding the headache of managing hundreds of individual HTML
files and the need for professional HTML programmers.

Pictorius iNet Developer includes an integrated version of Pictorius’
Prograph programming language, an object-oriented and dynamic development
environment, that allows users to link objects to accomplish tasks. The
visual interface of Prograph, and its integrated debugger, helps users
quickly find mistakes and make changes on the fly with the application
running. The unique characteristics of the development environment
significantly increase programmer productivity and software quality.

To make it easier for content managers to make changes to a site, Pictorius
iNet Developer uses a visual representation of a site that lets users
quickly maneuver through individual pages and site branches. The drag and
drop interface lets users implement any changes with the site running. iNet
Developer’s unique design means that both Mac and Windows users can access
and edit any iNet site simultaneously with the site running.

Pictorius iNet Developer also has the ability to import and export an
existing iNet site, or portion of a site, to or from a local machine. This
makes the application ideal for editing and updating sites from remote
locations and removes the processing overhead from the server during site
editing. Pictorius iNet Developer also supports Open Database Connectivity
(ODBC) so that companies can easily integrate existing databases into their
Web sites.

Pricing and Availability
Pictorius iNet Developer for Macintosh beta is available on the Pictorius
web site ( for general download. The general beta
release does not include the programming environment. The commercial
version of Pictorius iNet Developer will be $1495US, including the site and
page editor, the application server, the integrated programming environment
and a web server. A 3-pack of editors is available for $1495US.

System Requirements
The pre-release installation of Pictorius iNet Developer for Macintosh,
including the iNet site and page editor, iNet application server and
Pictorius Net Servers requires a minimum 68030 processor, System 7.5.3, 32
MB of RAM and 25MB of hard disk space.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Pictorius Incorporated
(, is the leading developer of Intranet software
solutions for the corporate marketplace. Pictorius is the maker of Prograph
CPX, an award-winning pictorial development environment, and Pictorius iNet
Developer, a team-based Intranet application development tool. Founded in
1995, Pictorius is a privately held venture backed firm. A demonstration
version of Pictorius iNet Developer is available on the Pictorius web site.
Pictorius iNet Developer is available by calling Pictorius Sales at