From: (Kyle Hammond)
Subject: [PR] The A List – a List Manager replacement

Hi all,

I’d like to let you know about The A List. This is a replacement for
Apple’s List Manager in the same spirit as WASTE is a replacement for Text

The A List can handle lists of essentially infinite size, supports drag
and drop, cut/copy/paste, dynamic scrolling, and many other features that
Apple’s List Manager does not.

The A List uses several application callback routines to provide support
for any type of data that you wish to use (instead of an LDEF). The
default implementation assumes that the list data is a StringHandle.

The A List is distributed under the same general licensing scheme as the
WASTE library: it’s free, but you need to give me credit.

To download the full source code and a sample application go to the URL:

The documentation is not finished yet, but what there is is on-line at the
above URL.

I wrote The A List over the last year for a couple of applications I’m
writing for the University of Minnesota which needed support for the new
features in The A List.

For those who are interested, the WASTE homepage URL is:

Thanks for your attention,
Kyle Hammond