reQall Launches the iPhone’s First Memory Aid

Shake your iPhone to jog your memory reQall on the iPhone organizes your
to-do list, appointments, shopping list and even visual reminders without

reQall ( released the first-ever memory aid
specifically created for the iPhone and iPod Touch. reQall for the iPhone
is available for free beginning Friday July 11th, exclusively from Apple’s
App Store ( Based on pioneering
research into memory prostheses from MIT’s Media Lab, reQall enables you to
simply say what you want to remember straight to your iPhone. Your voice
reminders are immediately converted into text and delivered back to you at
the right moment. reQall can remind you via text message, instant message,
email, or as a calendar alert about what you need to do and when. And if
you shake your iPhone, the patent-pending reQall Memory Jogger springs to
action and identifies information designed to maximize memory
reinforcement, helping you remember better.

reQall is also smart enough to recognize certain keywords. Say “buy” and
reQall automatically adds that item to your shopping list. Say dates and
times — things like “remind me to use the travel certificates before May
18” — and a reminder is scheduled in your calendar; use a word like “meet”
to automatically schedule a meeting. With reQall, you can even use your
iPhone to remind your friends or family members by saying things like “ask
Jenny to get the car washed.” Jenny will immediately receive a reminder
from you by text, email or instant message. You can also take pictures
using your iPhone and store these within reQall, so you can remember things
that you can’t easily describe.

reQall’s founders and advisors are Apple alumni. “As one of the first
native applications for the iPhone, we wanted to create something that was
relevant to every iPhone user. And in today’s busy digital society, who
doesn’t need help remembering everything?” says Rao Machiraju, CEO of
reQall. “reQall is simple but powerful and has been specifically designed
for today’s hectic lifestyles.” “reQall has long been essential to my life,
allowing me to remember without effort. But on the iPhone it has taken a
whole new meaning. Combine the iPhone’s elegance and large touch screen
with reQall and the result is pure pleasure,” added Don Norman, former VP
of Advanced Technology at Apple and advisor to reQall.

About reQall

reQall is a venture-funded technology company with operations in the US and
India. Behind reQall are some of the most respected individuals from the
worlds of science, technology, and business. These include:

— Gordon Bell: Microsoft’s principal researcher in Silicon Valley and
former VP of R&D at Digital;

— Peter Cochrane: Former CTO and head of research at British Telecom;

— Edward de Bono: the creative thinker who introduced the phrase ‘lateral
thinking’ into our vocabulary;

— Rao Machiraju: CEO and co-founder of reQall with over 20 years of
experience including ten years at Apple as a Senior and Principal Scientist;

— Don Norman: Former VP of Advanced Technology at Apple and well-known
expert on design and usability;

— Sunil Vemuri: co-founder of reQall whose research at MIT’s Media Lab
into memory prostheses gained him recognition by CNN as an “Explorer.” He
has also been featured in the New York Times, Fox News, Boston Globe,
Newsweek, and MIT Technology Review.