Tunebug (http://www.tunebug.com) has unveiled a new line of surround
sound speaker products. Using the company’s patented technology,
Tunebug’s line of products generates sound waves that pass through
the surfaces it rests on, turning those surfaces into speakers.

One of the first sound generators from their line to be showcased
includes the Shake, a small attachable device for bike, ski and
skateboard helmets that create surround sound inside of the helmet by
“exciting” the entire helmet surface which then becomes a speaker.
Tunebug is also releasing the Vibe, an ultra portable SurfaceSound
speaker for your desktop, tabletop, and other available surfaces.

The Shake has a rechargeable battery with about five hours of
playtime and charges via the included USB cord. It will go on sale
Jan. 30 for US$119.95