Verbatim ( is shipping its US$49.99 Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboar to retailers nationwide. Designed to work with iPads, iPhones and other Bluetooth-enabled tablets with HID keyboard support, this thin, portable keyboard delivers a more familiar typing method to touchscreen users, says Ron Hanafin, Verbatim product manager, Accessories & Peripherals.

Plus, users can play, pause and control iTunes music directly from the keyboard’s media console. The Enhanced Smart Keys offer a simpler way to cut, copy, paste and undo, says Hanafin.

Additionally, the Ultra-Slim Keyboard’s built-in rechargeable power source eliminates the need for constant battery charging and replacement. Juice has be replenished via a USB-to-computer or wall-charger connection. The Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a carrying case.