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Allan Rousselle, VP Sales & Marketing

May 13, 1996


Natick, MA — Bare Bones Software, Inc. today announced the release of
its first version of “SoftPolish,” the essential tool for software
quality assurance on the Macintosh(R). This new version includes several
improvements over the product formerly published by Language Systems Corp.

*About SoftPolish*

SoftPolish checks elements of the Macintosh user interface that are
contained in resources and identifies potential problems. SoftPolish can
help developers identify inconsistencies with Apple’s user interface
guidelines, misspelled words, missing resources, and other mistakes. In
addition, SoftPolish provides tools to put the finishing touches on
software distribution packages prior to release. It works independently
of any programming language or environment. SoftPolish is ideal for
sanity checking software throughout the development process.

“SoftPolish is an essential part of our software development cycle,”
said Neal Trautman, Timbuktu Lead Software Engineer at Farallon
Communications, Inc. “I can’t imagine shipping a product without running
it through SoftPolish first.”

*Spell-Checking Resources*

The new version of SoftPolish incorporates a new spell-checking system,
which contains many improvements. The spelling checker provides a
100,000+ word U. S. English dictionary, as well as dictionaries for U.K.
English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and several specialized dictionaries.
The spell-checking in SoftPolish has been fine tuned to handle situations
that commonly arise in application resources. User dictionaries are now
stored as BBEdit text files, providing greater flexibility and

*Resource Validation*

SoftPolish checks the validity of resources by examining resource types,
internal consistency, system software compatibility, resource sizing,
and resource links. Bare Bones Software has updated and expanded
SoftPolish to handle a wide variety of resource types, including those
commonly generated by modern development environments.

*Cleaning Up Files and Resources*

Developers can use SoftPolish’s Clean Up facilities to prepare software
for release. The Clean Up commands provide an easy means to set file and
folder dates, remove unwanted resources, eliminate empty resource forks,
list version resources, and warn of debugging traps or debugger names in
680×0 code.

*Pricing and Availability*

The suggested retail price of SoftPolish is US$99 for a single-user
copy, $295 for a 5-user license, and $495 for 10 users. SoftPolish can
be purchased through Cyberian Outpost, DevDepot, Full Moon
Software, and other resellers, as well as directly from
Bare Bones Software.

Bare Bones Software invites anyone interested in learning more about
SoftPolish to visit their web site at (, or to
send e-mail inquiries to (

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