FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 23, 2002

Abacus Accounting Engine for FileMaker Pro

PHOENIX, AZ, October 23, 2002 – DataIsland Software today announced the
immediate availability of the Abacus Accounting Engine for FileMaker Pro.

Abacus easily adds General Ledger, Chart of Accounts and standard
accounting reports to your solution for a fraction of the custom software
price. Whether you are an in-house developer or a custom FileMaker Pro
consultant, Abacus will allow you to add full accounting functionality to
your FileMaker Pro solution with virtually no programming.

Save thousands of dollars on custom programming by making Abacus part of
your FileMaker Solution. With full XML export capabilities Abacus data can
be configured any way you wish.

Geoff Wells, owner of DataIsland Software and author of the upcoming book
from Osborne – FileMaker Pro 6: The Complete Reference said, “The FileMaker
community has waited a long time for an accounting package that is both
powerful and easy to add to new or existing solutions. We are proud that
DataIsland Software has made it possible.”

Abacus requires FileMaker Pro 5.x or better and is compatible with Windows,
Macintosh and Macintosh OS X operating systems.

The DataIsland team are FileMaker Pro specialists. They excel at creating
cross platform, custom database solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Their building block approach to software development and affordable rates
make it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of custom software.

To download a full working demo of Abacus and other DataIsland Software
products, visit

Media Contact:
Geoff Wells
DataIsland Software
703 W Milada Drive
Phoenix, Arizona 85041